11 Oct



A shift in the seasons comes with an inkling for change, and have we got a change for you!

Here at Tara Shaw, we’ve been working night and day to bring you the re-envisioned TaraShaw.com, complete with new and exciting features to improve your browsing, shopping and design experience! I am just beside myself to introduce you to our gorgeous new site, and want to walk you through some of our newest features.

First and foremost, we’ve completely revamped the Tara Shaw shopping experience! Shop directly through our secure webstore to view and purchase our in-stock inventory! Want to order custom? Through our Maison product pages, you can fill out and specify exactly what you want through our submittable form.

Have a question on any of our antiques? Fill out an enquiry and our staff will directly respond to your questions or requests!

Love a product but you’re not quite ready to buy? Just click on the star or add to wishlist button to save your favorites for later.

All of our antique inventory is on clearance for our clear the floor launch sale! Make a change in your very own home today with slashed prices across the board for all of your furnishing and accessory needs.

Beautiful design at the click of a button… Doesn’t that sound like a dream? I’ve always thought that bespoke design should be accessible to everyone, and here at Tara Shaw, I want to make that a reality! One of the biggest and most exciting changes is the launch of our Design by Distance program, our custom remote design consultation services, done completely online. Work with our design team through pictures, questionnaires and descriptions to to hone in on your style and create a space designed specifically for you. The process begins with you telling us about your vision for the space. What styles and pieces do you love? What is the size and budget of your space? Send us visuals and inspiration, the more the better, to help us achieve your look!

After we have an idea of what you’re looking for, the Tara Shaw team will provide you with a quote and get to work! With Design by Distance, you will receive a customized room plan and layout, complete with suggested purchases and color scheme recommendations. As an added perk, Design by Distance participants are offered special discounts on all Tara Shaw products!

Once you review your initial plan, you’ll be offered a complimentary round of revisions complete with a video chat with our team to ensure that the plan is complete to your satisfaction. Then, you’ll have everything you need to build your space! Share your completed room with us using the hashtag #tsdesignbydistance to show us the final result and for a chance to get featured on our Instagram page! With our newest program, beautiful design is more accessible than ever and we are just so excited to get to work for you.

Designer or retailer? We’d love to connect! Our new site allows you to apply to our Trade Program, letting us connect professionally and keep in touch. Click on through to start shopping and experience all the new features our site has in store.

– Tara