30 Jun



After searching all across Europe for antiques to bring back to the states, I am excited to to share this sneak peek of all the exquisite finds my trip had to offer.

I’d like to extend an invitation to all to join me on August 25th and 26th for an exclusive two-day container reveal and experience firsthand access to wholesale pricing on one of a kind European treasures!

Throughout my journey, I scoured the markets and found dazzling pieces of all varieties – from gilded Italian crystal chandeliers down to my signature Greek olive jars, the items I have collected originate not only from all across Europe but from across the centuries.  With the shops and markets overflowing with a bounty of incredible items, I found no shortage of stunning mirrors to bring back to my warehouse. Here we have a sneak peek at some of my favorites, featuring beautiful gilding, carving, and hand-painted finishes. This variety of mirrors is teeming with authentic old-world charm that can only be found in these prizes of the past.

I was particularly excited to bring back some of my Swedish finds, like this amazing Gustavian Commode pictured below. I love the light, comfort and warmth that these Swedish antiques bring to any home.

One of the highlights of my trip was acquiring dozens of my favorite olive jars, brilliant antique white containers from Greece that provide a stunning architectural focal point in both the home and garden. I was lucky to come back with over twenty of these classic pots in my container!

No antique-hunting journey would be complete without some fabulous lighting finds. I couldn’t keep my hands off of this gorgeous pair of gilded six-light chandeliers, and collected a myriad of lighting options adorned in classic bronze, elegant gilding and sparkling crystal to suit any taste.

These gilt jardinières caught my eye as I felt they fully embodied the “old-world chic” mantra on which I based my tour. The elegant metalwork and delicate leaves truly set these pieces apart an will add interest to any modern, eclectic or traditionally styled space.

This sneak peak just begins to scratch the surface of the beauty this container holds, and I am just thrilled to bring these treasures back to the states to share. Come experience the grand reveal of exquisite antiques at wholesale prices, including but not limited to beds, seating, tables, commodes, and a variety of accents for home and garden. Join me for this exciting event for two days only at 1526 Religious Street!

– Tara Shaw